Aside from the personal cost of failure, going back to prison is expensive. According to the 2019 Colorado Department of Corrections Statistical Report, the average cost per person for one year of incarceration is $42,665. Recidivism is tracked by the Colorado Department of Corrections in three-year cohorts, meaning they report how many people released from prison return after one, two, and three years post release for either a technical violation of parole supervision or a new crime. The current rate of 47.2% recidivism is an improvement over the past few years, but it remains an astoundingly high failure rate.

Each and every person who starts over and succeeds represents thousands of dollars in savings to the state over and beyond the less calculable cost of re-incarceration of a human being. Helping people start over after incarceration matters. Thank you for supporting Remerg because we could not do this work without your financial help.


average cost of providing per person


average cost of incarcerating one person per year


current recidivism rate for the CO Department of Corrections three years post-release