Two Octobers

The apprenticeship is open to anyone 18 or older with a high school diploma or GED. They do not require work experience or post-high-school education. The apprenticeship is expected to take about three years. Completion of the apprenticeship is based on demonstration of a list of competencies and related instruction, so it could take more or less time than that. For the first year, the apprentice is a paid intern at Two Octobers, working 10-20 hours per week. There may be an opportunity to shift to a full-time position, depending on workload and competencies completed. After the first year, the apprentice is expected to be a full-time employee of Two Octobers, with full benefits. They provide extensive on-the-job training for the duration of the apprenticeship. Apprentices are also required to do some community college and online coursework. Their goal is to be able to offer apprentices permanent employment at Two Octobers at the completion of the apprenticeship.

Phone: (720) 468-0012


Address: 1001 Bannock Street, Unit 120 Denver, Colorado 80204

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