The Don’t Look Back Center

The Don't Look Back Center provides a number of different programs for disadvantaged women & transwomen including therapy for addiction and trauma, care management for client wellness and autonomy, a transgender outreach program T.O.P. specifically for transwomen, CCAR certified recovery coaches, acu-detox treatments, and DUI education and therapy. Women & transwomen who've been in the justice system as well as self referals are very welcome. The Don't Look Back Center also provides House of Rahab, a shared living program where women and transwomen may find a safe haven together. The house provides life skills, cooking, HIV education / prevention, art therapy, naloxone classes, and a 12 step program. It costs $700 per month with a $50 administrative fee. Call to find out more about any of their services. The Center is located in Building 3, Suite 305.

Phone: 720-638-8397


Hours: Office Hours: M-Th: 9am-4pm, F: 9am-1pm, House Hours: M-F: 8:30am-4:30pm

Address: 14211 E 4th Avenue, Aurora CO 80011

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