The Community Tattoo Removal Project

The Community Tattoo Removal Project strives for the success of Colorado’s youth and adults by supporting people who are committed to rectifying their mistakes, redefining themselves, and making meaningful contributions to society. They are dedicated to removing visible tattoos that are creating social barriers and have a negative impact on personal, employment, and economic growth. The tattoo removal treatment they offer is partially free for people referred by DOC. However, certain conditions need to be met. The tattoos must be on the hands, neck, or face, and they must conduct a consultation and provide a quote. After they supply the quote to DOC, they will either deny or approve the service based on their funding. If approved, they will pay for the first treatment and the individual being referred pays for the second at half the cost. This payment goes back and forth until full removal. For referrals from The Department of Youth Services and Savio House, the treatment will be paid in full for the youth referred.

Phone: 720-979-7021


Address: 10321 Washington St, Thornton, CO 80229

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