Stout Street Foundation

Stout Street Foundation is a two-year residential recovery community for those wanting to recover from struggles with long history of substance use. They have been helping people recover in the Denver Metro area for over 45 years with an emphasis on the importance of peer support and accountability. Stout Street Foundation is a coed program that offers group therapy in the evenings and has a foundation of Therapeutic Community (behavioral modification) to the program with more therapy and individualized treatment through individual counseling. They are a no cost program and all you need to do to apply is have the ability to work a full time job. You will be assigned to positions to further your vocational training skills. You will be inpatient for 18 months and the last six months of the program is a transitional phase where you live on your own in a sober living type structured environment where you save money to prepare moving onto your own or into another sober living. Click on the website link to learn more. You can also reach their admissions department at For short-term treatment, check out Serenity in this section.

Phone: 303-321-2533 (main line) or you may call these numbers collect: 303-339-3860 or 303-339-3861


Hours: M-F: 8am-5pm

Address: 7251 E 49th Avenue, Commerce City CO 80022

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