Scam Related to Sex Offense Conviction

Women Against Registry distributed a letter they received from a member who had been contacted by someone claiming to be a police officer. The letter reads: “On Sept. 30 I received a call from someone claiming to be a police officer saying that I was now non-compliant and would be arrested if I didn’t bring $3500 to the county courthouse to post bail. He went on to say I had been sent a registered letter and had signed for it and had missed a court appointed hearing date. This was all a scam, which I got sucked into because I knew people who have been arrested, without warning for similar circumstances. It was also made possible because the registry is ‘public.’ These scammers had access to that information. I nearly went through with the scam and spent over an hour on the phone with this guy because he said I had to stay on the phone with him until I reached the courthouse. I thought that was very odd, but I complied, not wanting to be arrested. I finally realized it was a scam when he told me I had to convert cash into electronic cards. When I finally realized that the cards, he was talking about were “GIFT” Cards, I hung up and called my registry office. I was glad that the officer picked up immediately and I told him what had just happened. He told me it was definitely a scam and that there were no warrants on me.”

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