Woodland Park–Pikes Peak Workforce Center in Community Partnership Family Resource Center

A workforce center can help you find a job and learn about training opportunities, including apprenticeships. Some centers have people who specialize in helping people with a criminal history with their job search. If you’re between 18 and 24, be sure to ask about job opportunities for young adults and youth. Call and ask to make an appointment with a specialist. If you need other resources, ask if the workforce center has a resource center and if you may reserve a space. The Pikes Peak Workforce Center\'s location in Woodland Park, CO has changed. Would you please update your page to say: Pikes Peak Workforce Center - Woodland Park Office in Community Partnership Family Resource Center 701 Gold Hill Place South Woodland Park, CO 80863 Phone: (719) 667-3700 Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays, Noon to 4 PM

Phone: 719-667-3700

Website: https://ppwfc.org/#

Hours: T&Th: 12-4pm

Address: 701 Gold Hill Place, South Woodland Park CO 80863

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