ParadigmONE is a one of a kind non-profit Recovery Community Center. They have a fully equipped gym with boxing ring, weights and more and professional martial arts and fitness trainers on staff. They also have an art program that includes a variety of art forms such as graffiti art and painting, a spiritual program where people can gather to grow in their faith, and a large community area that can be used for cool events and sober parties or meetings. They offer training in boxing, fitness, weight lifting, art, as well as provide recovery coaching, sober gatherings and events, life skills training, community reentry services, job placement, spiritual mentoring, mental health support, and more! Their vision (or paradigm) is that we are all ONE and that people who are looking for a new way of life can come and have fun, workout, spar, do art and express themselves in a positive way in order to unite, make new friends, build new habits, improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. ParadigmONE was founded and is run by a group of individuals that are currently heavily immersed in the Colorado recovery movement and are looking to expand proven strategies. ParadigmONE is located behind Midas Carwash, next door to the Buckeye AA Club. You can locate their calendar of events on their website.

Phone: 720-709-1515


Address: 16736 E Illif Ave. Aurora, CO 80013

Additional Info: Recovery Community Center

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