Lost Pet Scam

Many thanks to the Denver District Attorney for their advice on this scam: "Scammers are targeting owners of lost pets to extort cash or bitcoin. They get your phone number from lost dog posters or posts on Nextdoor. In one example the scammer called the owner claiming to be the animal shelter and said in order to retrieve the dog the owner would have to pay for a vaccine before the dog would be released. Animal shelters don’t operate that way. A caller to our fraud line said she asked the finder to show her a picture of her Fiddo. The scammer pulled a photo of the breed of dog from the internet and blurred out the dog’s face. As if the owner would fall for that. Obviously, some scammers aren’t that smart. Speaking of Nextdoor, the app can be very helpful for sharing neighborhood information, selling items, and looking for help, but it can also be an avenue for scammers. Use skepticism when reading these posts. Nextdoor recently posted a warning about scams surrounding bargain items."

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