Illuminate Community Recovery Services

Illuminate Community Recovery Services (ICRS) is a Denver-based substance misuse/mental health care provider that provides adult peer support coaching as well as support groups for loved ones of people struggling with addiction. ICRS programs include: CRAFT Support Groups for Loved Ones: The Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) Support Group for Loved Ones provides a forum for those caring for individuals battling addiction. Craft creates a strong community dedicated to empowering their loved ones to seek treatment. The program emphasizes compassion, empathy, and education to maximize the effectiveness of familial support in the recovery journey. Empowering Recovery: Peer Support Coaching for Addiction and Beyond: Our Peer Support Coaching program offers guidance from coaches with firsthand experience in addiction recovery. They also have coaches specializing in supporting families impacted by addiction.

Phone: 719-782-3555



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