Hazelbrook Sober Living

Hazelbrook Sober Living describes its homes as a place of new friends and new beginnings where people can feel safe without having to worry about the temptations of any drugs or alcohol so you can be free to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They provide clean and safe men's and women's sober living homes as well as other recovery services at very affordable prices. Monthly rate is $845 for the Denver homes and $800 for the Colorado Springs homes. Homes are located in the Denver metro area, Colorado Springs, and in Pueblo starting in January 2023. Each home has a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist living at the house and accessible to all residents while at Hazelbrook. Hazelbrook is a program for people in recovery run by people in recovery! Call for more information and to set up an intake interview at 303-550-2120. You may also email intake@hazelbrooksoberliving.com. Hazelbrook Sober Living also provides a Transitional Safe Zone, which is a structured environment for people who are working on getting 48 hours sober. TSZ intake is 720-730-6053.

Phone: 303-800-7009 Denver metro area, 719-735-8215 Colorado Springs

Website: https://www.hazelbrooksoberliving.com/

Additional Info: Denver & Colorado Springs

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