Green Valley Ranch: Transitional Housing

Green Valley Ranch is a transitional housing program located in Denver. Each home consists of five bedrooms and four bathrooms on three levels. The main level has the kitchen, the family room and a bathroom. The primary bedroom is located on the second level and has an attached bathroom exclusive to that bedroom. Two additional bedrooms and a bathroom shared by those bedrooms are also located on the second level. On the third level are two additional bedrooms and another shared bathroom. Each home has a two-car garage and parking is available inside for those with a vehicle, based on seniority of living in the home. Each home also has two refrigerators; the main refrigerator in the kitchen, and a second refrigerator in the garage. All cooking and eating accessories, e.g. pots & pans, plates, utensils, etc. are all provided for use by all residents. The security deposit and rent for the first month must be paid on or before the first date of occupancy. Rental rates are $950/month for a bedroom sharing a bathroom with one other resident and $1,050/month for the primary bedroom with a private bathroom. Due to high volume it is advised to submit a completed Rental Application for consideration well in advance of an anticipated release date. They require that an applicant be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to be considered for acceptance, including booster vaccinations. Visit their website to request an application or to contact them.

Phone: 303-908-4677


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