Government Imposter Scams

The Attorney General's office for Colorado recently issued a warning about scams from people saying they're from the government. We copy their advice below. Click on the link to learn more. "Know that the government will never call, text, email, or contact you on social media saying you owe money. If you get a link from someone claiming to be the IRS or another government agency, don't click on it. It's a scam. Government agencies do send out letters to make contact with individuals, so should you receive an official looking letter, look up the telephone number for that agency and contact them directly. Say no to anyone who contacts you claiming to be from a government agency and asking for personal information or payment. Know that government agencies and their employees don't ask people to send money for prizes, unpaid loans, or back taxes nor are they permitted to ask you to wire money, add money to a prepaid debit card, or send gift cards. If you're unsure whether the threat is legitimate, look up the official number for the government agency, office, or employee. Then, contact the organization or agency directly to inquire about the legitimacy of the call. Do not attempt to call any phone number back provided by a caller. Always look up any telephone number you wish to call as scammers will provide fake numbers in an attempt to steal money or personal information."


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