Empowerment Program

WAGEES Programs provide re-entry services to people who have been, or are about to be, released from a correctional facility. Through this program, The Empowerment Program and Stout Street Health Center work together to provide medical, behavioral health, and vocational support services, free of charge. Current Re-Entry Services include case management, supportive services, integrative health services, medications, MAT Program, and healthcare. Within a month of your release, you may ask your DOC Case Manager to contact the WAGEES Women's Pilot Program, or you can call after your release. Use the numbers below.

Phone: The Empowerment Program contact is Tiffany Taylor at 720-900-1937; Stout Street Health Center contact is Linda Nobles at 720-675-9148

Website: https://www.empowermentprogram.org/wagees.html

Hours: MWThF: 8:30am-5pm, T: 8:30am-noon

Address: 1600 York Street, Denver CO 80206

Additional Info: WAGEES Women's Pilot Program for women living in the denver metro area

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