Denver Sheriff Department Scam

The Denver District Attorney posted the following about this scam: "This scam has been active for at least the past year and does not seem to be going away. Here’s the scam: The department’s name and number appear on a victim’s caller ID. When the victim answers, the “Sheriff” tells them they have been served a subpoena for failing to appear in court and must pay a fine. In order to pay the fine, the victim must bring cash or bitcoin to the Lindsey Flannigan Courthouse, in person. Not only is this a scam, but it is very unsafe to meet someone who initiates a call to you, no matter what the circumstances. Keep in mind, that if you ever get an unexpected call from anyone, from the Denver Sheriff Department or anyone else, and they ask for any personal information or say you owe money, hang up. The caller is most likely a thief. We encourage the community to be aware of these recent scams and alert family members and friends. Call our Denver DA Fraud Line at 720-913-9179 if you think someone has tried to scam you, and, please, pass this information along to your friends and family."

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