Defy Ventures Colorado

We think that after people serve their time, they’ve repaid their debt to society and should be given the chance to start fresh. However, the reality is far different because more often than not in the U.S., recidivism rates are far higher than anywhere else in the world, creating a vicious cycle of incarceration. Defy Colorado is committed to breaking this cycle. Our programs harness the innate entrepreneurial talents of people with criminal histories and redirect them toward the creation of legal businesses and careers. Defy Colorado has demonstrated the effectiveness of an “inside-out” solution to the problems of recidivism and mass incarceration, allowing Defy EITs to journey from their time in prison to economic independence. Providing rigorous employment readiness, character development and entrepreneurship training inside prisons as well as robust post-release services, including job placement, executive mentorship, startup incubation and pitch competitions. At this time, Defy Colorado only offers services to our program graduates. If you are a Defy graduate and released from prison, please contact us to learn more about the type of help we offer on the outside.

Phone: 720-608-8459


Hours: M-F: 9am-5pm by appointment only

Address: 1644 Platte St, Ste. 400, Denver, CO 80202

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