Colorado Sheet Metal Workers Apprentice Program (Denver)

The Colorado Sheet Metal Workers’ Program is a joint effort by the Workers of SMART Local #9 and the Contractors of SMACNA Colorado. All funding for your education comes from this partnership, which means that in our program, you pay no tuition costs and no fees for the training and education, while receiving books and other educational material and college credits free of charge. You will learn from instructors who work in the sheet metal industry alongside you, and you will put everything you learn to work right away—your career begins at the same time your apprenticeship begins. As an Apprentice in the Colorado Sheet Metal Workers’ Apprenticeship Program, you will earn a good salary while learning your trade—a salary that increases as your skills and knowledge increase. If you are interested in applying, go to their website located below and fill out the application.


Address: 1515 W 47th Ave., Denver, CO 80211-2339

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