Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities

CFPD serves individuals with disabilities by providing representative payee services. A representative payee receives Social Security benefits on an individual’s behalf and budgets, disperses money for personal needs and food, pays bills, monitors account balances for public benefits eligibility, and saves money for the individual. CFPD charges the Social Security Administration’s approved representative payee monthly fee (in 2022, this amount is $48/month) and has a standing waitlist for services, typically six months from the time a completed application is received to the start of services. CFPD does not require that you receive other services such as therapy or case management in order to be your representative payee.

Phone: 303-733-2867


Hours: M-F: 8:30am-4:30pm (by appointment only)

Address: 1355 S Colorado Blvd., Suite 920, Denver CO 80222

Additional Info: Representative Payee Info

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