Center for Work Education and Employment (CWEE)

CWEE helps people train for and get a good job. Their team will help you explore career opportunities and find the resources and training you need. They also have a network of over 150 employers. CWEE’s classes are available 24/7 and include 1:1 career coaching. If needed, access to technology is provided. CWEE’s program is self-paced and people complete their program between 6-12 weeks. In order to qualify, you must be 18 and older, low-income and not on-TANF, unemployed/under-employed, authorized to work in the United States, have English language and reading proficiency, and be a Denver County resident or experiencing homelessness. Call the number below or email Jacqulene Bond at to learn more.

Phone: 303-892-8444 x342


Hours: operating virtually Monday – Thursday and every other Friday from 8am-5pm. CWEE’s classes are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Address: 1175 Osage Street, Suite 300, Denver CO 80204

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