Care on Location

Care on Location lets you see a medical doctor by video on your phone or computer. They can take care of most things that you would go to a family doctor or urgent care for: general medical (coughs, colds, rashes, minor injuries, medications, lab tests, x-rays, referrals) and urgent care. Care on Location can also prescribe medication treatment to help stop smoking. Care on Location takes Colorado Medicaid or a credit card as payment for seeing the doctor. If needed, they can write prescriptions and send them to the closest pharmacy. If you need more care than can be given on the phone or computer, they will help you find the nearest location that would be able to see you. Create an account to get started. You'll need to install Zoom on your smart phone or computer. Their website walks you through the process. No appointment is needed.

Phone: 720-778-0005


Hours: Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm

Address: 1615 California St #601 Denver, CO 80202

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