Bikes Together Mariposa

Bikes Together has had to suspend all of their "Do It Yourself" recycling and education programs due to COVID-19. They are, however, selling used bikes and offering pay-what-you-wish service at both locations. If a person seeking transportation has a broken bike, they can sign up for an appointment in person Sat 11-5 and they can fix it up for them while they wait for very cheap or free. If they need a bike, their refurbished used bikes sell for $300-500 (high-quality; will last a very long time). Sometimes they also have used bikes that need work for sale "as-is" for under $100. For more information, please contact or

Phone: 720-403-8757


Hours: T,WTh: 12-6pm, F: 12-4pm, Sat: 11-5pm

Address: 1060 Osage Street, Denver CO 80204

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