B-Konnected provides a professional placement service for landlords while also connecting renters with a challenging rental history (eviction, credit report, criminal history) to places they may rent. The B-Konnected service is much more than a property search for a "felon-friendly" landlord. B-Konnected provides the search and checks in with landlords on a regular basis for the first year in order to help people stabilize in their rental housing. B-Konnected also provides shared housing in Denver and Littleton at a reasonable monthly rate. Services are free if there is a match within their landlord network, but if case management is involved there may be a fee of $700 to $875. Click on the website to learn more. You may also call the number below or email housinginnovator@b-konnected.org to learn more.

Phone: 720-551-7441

Website: https://bkonnected.org

Hours: M-F: 9am-5pm

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