Registration & Voting Info

You can use the Secretary of State’s website to register to vote and to check your voter registration. You can also register to vote through the Clerk and Recorder for the county where you live. Websites to help you are listed below.

You can also register to vote through voter registration drives.

Your vote matters. Many races are determined by several hundred votes, especially in a primary race. If you don’t vote, the people who do vote will decide who represents you.

How to Vote If You’re Homeless

What address to use to register to vote if you're homeless

If you're homeless, live in an RV on a permanent basis, or have no fixed permanent address, you may use any address you regularly return to for voter registration purposes. This means your parole office's address can be used for voter registration and you can have your ballot mailed there. Click on the website link for the FAQ page from the Secretary of State's office for people who are homeless or are being forced to move due to foreclosure.

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