A variety of organizations throughout Colorado help people with a disability, from advocacy to finding resources to help getting a job. Scroll through the remerg.com list to learn more about where to get help, as well as how to sign up for SSDI and SSI.

Social Services Help

Community Centered Boards


There are 20 Community Centered Boards throughout Colorado. Click on the website for a complete list with links to their websites and contact information. These agencies provide case management for people with an intellectual developmental disability. You will need to call the board in your area and talk to them to see if you qualify for their help.

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Division of Vocational Rehabilitation


Division of Vocational Rehabilitation helps people with a disability prepare for and find employment. Offices are located throughout Colorado, so click on the website to see the complete list of locations and phone numbers. Call to make an appointment. Many of the offices are located inside Workforce Centers. Click on Success Stories on their website to learn more about the services they provide.

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The Arc of Colorado


The ARC of Colorado is an advocacy organization that helps people with an intellectual or developmental disability. There are 14 chapters across the state. You can call The Arc of Colorado at 303-864-9334 if you’re not sure where to start to get help . The website has a list of all of the ARC chapters with addresses and phone numbers.

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