Community Corrections

Colorado’s community corrections facilities (also called halfway houses) are listed below. Halfway houses are used by some people to transition from prison back to the community. Halfway houses are also used by the courts to sentence people to without sending them to prison.

Some halfway houses are run by companies such as CoreCivic and GEO, some are nonprofit, and some are run by the county. In Denver, we’ll soon have a model that is a hybrid model of a collaboration between the county and a nonprofit.

In the list below, you’ll find all of Colorado’s halfway houses in alphabetical order by city of location.

Parole & Probation Help


Peer 1–University of Colorado Health Sciences

3712 West Princeton Circle, Denver CO 80236

Denver metro


Peer 1 is an 80-bed Therapeutic Community (TC) that offers long-term, intensive treatment for adult males with chronic substance use disorders, related anti-social behaviors and co-occurring mental health disorders. People can be referred by probation, DOC, community corrections' boards, and themselves. If you want to know more about Peer 1 or to schedule an intake appointment, call the number listed.

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Project: Elevate

4280 Kearney Street, Denver CO 80216

Denver metro


Project: Elevate serves cisgender women, transgender women, and other participants assigned female at birth. What was once known as Tooley Hall has now been revolutionized into a model that is one of a kind. Project: Elevate is managed through a collaborative partnership between The Empowerment Program and the County of Denver. The program recognizes that each participant has unique needs and experiences. Service offerings use a gender responsive and trauma informed approach to all aspects of the program. Project: Elevate accepts participants who are directly sentenced through the courts (Diversion/Community Corrections) or are transitioning from prison (DOC-Transition & Condition of Parole). Project: Elevate is expecting to launch in Late Spring/Early Summer 2022 and referrals for placement are currently being accepted.

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