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Several organizations provide job platforms specifically for people with a criminal history. This means they’re listing companies that hire on a case-by-case basis.

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70 Million Jobs

70 Million Jobs is a job recruitment platform for the formerly incarcerated. 70 Million Jobs connects large, national employers to a powerful network of job seekers. 70 Million Jobs is committed to helping returning citizens find the work they need.

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Fair Chance Hiring Job Board

Remerg is a founding network partner of the Fair Chance Hiring Network

Remerg is proud to be a founding network partner with the Fair Chance Hiring Network. The Fair Chance Hiring Job Board is developed and led by the community organizations that work with people with a record. We seek out career path employers willing to hire and give someone a fair chance. Click on the website link and browse the jobs.

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Honest Jobs

Honest Jobs is a for-profit company that recently moved to Colorado. The website asks you to enroll and provide information about your background to get started and receive information about the jobs they post. You can also take a peek inside their database by clicking on Quick Search under the For Job Seekers tab.

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Jails to Jobs

Jails to Jobs is a nonprofit organization based in California that provides a website organized around employment opportunities. While it doesn't have a lot of job openings posted, it does have a lot of resources and information that may help with a job search.

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Jobs for Returning Citizens

Jobs for Humanity recently launched Jobs for Returning Citizens, an international job search website for people with a criminal history. Click on the website link to look around the website. You can search by country, type of job, remote work, and more.

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Denver Metro

KOBEYO App lets you pick the schedule and wage you need, then sends you job matches for full- and part-time jobs in restaurants, cafes, retirement homes, hospitals, and more. Click on the website to learn more and get links for the free app on Android and Apple phones. While Kobeyo is not designed specifically for jobseekers with a criminal history, many of the companies listing jobs on this platform are fair chance employers.

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