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This section provides resources for employers that want to be a fair chance employer. Be sure to check out the listing for the new video course Job Seeking with a Criminal Record (below) for advice.

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Checkr’s Fair Chance Hiring Hub

Checkr, the national background checking company, is a leader in showing companies how to hire people with a criminal record, called Fair Chance Hiring. Click on the website link to learn more about how to be a fair chance employer.

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Creating Good Work for Employees with Lower Incomes: Solutions and Best Practices for Small Businesses in Colorado

Created by the Colorado Team with the Aspen Family Prosperity Innovation Community

This handbook prepared by the Colorado Team for the Aspen Family Prosperity Innovation Community provides a set of employer principles for family-supportive policies and benefits. While it's not specifically created for fair chance employers, there's a lot of good advice and ideas for all employers. You can also click on the pdf link for the document.

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Federal Bonding Program

Free $5,000 bond coverage with no deductible amount of liability for the employer

The Federal Bonding Program assists a job applicant in overcoming barriers to employment. It is a 6-month no cost fidelity bond for applicants who are denied coverage by commercial carriers due to their at risk background provided through a partnership between the US Department of Labor and CHUBB. A fidelity bond is provided to the employer free of charge and serves as an incentive to the company to hire a job applicant who is has a criminal record or has an at risk background in obtaining employment. It is a business insurance policy that protects the employer against financial loss due to theft, forgery, larceny or embezzlement caused by employee dishonesty. If you have any questions, contact 303-318-8961 or email Kerri.owen@state.co.us. The forms are available via the website link below, but they must be filled out by a local workforce center employee. You will find a complete list of workforce centers on Remerg.com in the Jobs section.

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Getting Talent Back to Work Certificate from SHRM

The Getting Talent Back to Work certificate is a program created by the Society for Human Resource Management. The 10-hour program provides hiring managers, HR professionals, and others with the information and tools they need to attract, hire, and retain people with criminal records. It's completely free and open to all. You do not need to be a SHRM member, and you do not need to hold a SHRM credential to engage with the content, take the course, and earn the Getting Talent Back to Work certificate. Click on the website link to learn more.

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Honest Jobs

Felony-friendly/fair-chance employment resource


Honest Jobs helps people with criminal records find jobs. Honestjobs.com features over 300,000 job openings from 1,000+ fair-chance employers. These are all organizations that are open to hiring people with misdemeanor and felony convictions. Visit www.HonestJobs.com or email ContactUs@HonestJobs.com to get started.

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Job Seeking with a Criminal Record

free online course to learn how to get a job with a criminal record!


The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) teamed up with LinkedIn to create a groundbreaking learning course, Job Seeking with a Criminal Record. The course is entirely free and accessible to anyone. It does not require a LinkedIn account or membership. Click on the link to check out the course.

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Prosper CO

Prosper CO is an effort to identify and understand the disparities in economic prosperity and develop a range of solutions to close the gaps. If you're an employer looking to learn more, start with their TOP 10 list, linked below. Step 4 is how to show your commitment to fair chance hiring.

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Second Chance Business Coalition

The Second Chance Business Coalition is a coalition of large private companies committed to expanding second chance, also known as fair chance, hiring practices. Co-chairs Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase and Craig Arnold of Eaton write: "When people are given a fair opportunity to participate in the workforce, our economy and society are stronger. That is why we’re proud to serve as co-chairs of the Second Chance Business Coalition. Our goal is to encourage the nation’s largest employers to give more people with criminal backgrounds a second chance at the dignity of a good job and a better life for themselves and their families." The website provides tools and resources for companies that want to hire people with a criminal record.

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Untapped Talent by Jeffrey Korzenik

A book for those that that have justice involvement

Untapped Talent: How Second Chance Hiring Works for Your Business and the Community was written by Jeffrey Korzenik, chief investment strategist for a commercial bank. "You are not a burden. You are a resource," Jeff writes in his book's Note to the Currently Incarcerated.

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit

federal tax credit for employers!


The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal tax credit that an employer will receive for hiring someone with a felony conviction. The tax credit starts at $2,400 per hire. The applicant needs to have had a felony within one year of their start date of employment. They take into consideration release to probation, release to halfway house, work release, parole date, conviction date, even a deferred sentence date, anything that shows they had a felony and are work eligible. The two WOTC forms need to be filed within 28 calendar days of the start date. Click on the website to learn more and to fill out the forms. If you have any questions, you can call the WOTC team at 720-737-9672 or email Tanya.boroff@state.co.us.

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