Fair Chance Companies

Fair Chance Companies is a list of companies that hire people with a criminal history on a case-by-case basis. Some are major corporations, while others are smaller local companies.

Scroll through the list below. You’ll need to look on a company’s website to find where they list their jobs. Look for a word like “Careers” or “Employment.”

Many websites will let you apply online. Since this can take an hour or so to do, first create a Word document where you can save everything as you write it. Then you can copy and paste without typing it all over again for each application.

Jobs & Training Help

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Justice Reskill

4800 Baseline Road, E104 #386, Boulder CO 80303



Justice Reskill is a nonprofit organization that works to secure greater opportunity and long-term financial stability for the justice-involved community. Their free reskilling platform teaches both technical and essential skills to provide a new pathway towards lasting career success in the IT field. They believe in supporting people as their whole selves (rather than focusing on singular skills), which guides everything they do from their accessible learning platform and diverse speaker programming, to their vibrant network of support made of folks with similar lived experiences. They offer their programs in partnership with the Department of Corrections as well as many Colorado reentry community partners. If you would like to learn more, please email info@justicereskill.com or call the number listed below.

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