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Do you want to be an entrepreneur! Remerg and Defy Colorado team up to bring you this section of community resources and Defy’s own videos.

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A Personalized Startup Experience

great resource from the Colorado Office of Economic Opportunity and International Trade

Click on the website link to get started on your startup plan. The first step is their Small Business Resource Guide, an A-Z tutorial on how to start, grow or move a business to Colorado. You'll also be linked to the Small Business Navigator, which will walk you through the perplexing world of licenses, permits and other pertinent information to start or move your business to Colorado. Finally, they'll link you to the Nationally Accredited Colorado Small Business Development Center (COSBDC) Network. The COSBDC provides a variety of assistance to include free, confidential consulting to small business owners, as well as training programs at little or no cost at locations throughout the state. This resource is all about delivering personalized guidance to help you reach your goals, which is invaluable.

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An Entrepreneur’s Journey–Tom’s Story

Learn how to start your startup!

Defy Colorado mentor, board member, and all around great guy, Tom Wyman gives a peek behind the curtain of the life of an entrepreneur. Topics include: the experience of founding SketchUp, the selling of SketchUp to Google, learning to ask for help, imposter syndrome, and more.

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Building a Pitch Deck

Learn how to make an online presentation about your business (pitch deck)

Defy Colorado mentor and co-founder Jason demonstrates the value of an accurate, attractive, and convincing pitch deck. Topics include: a pitch deck that needs no explanation, the value of eye candy, demonstrating your magic and more.

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Effective Communication

If you're asking people for something, you need to know how

What is effective communication? Mary, who's one of Defy's mentors, explains what effective communication is and how to improve your ability to talk to other people. These tips are helpful for entrepreneurs preparing for pitch competition as well as in everyday life.

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Email Etiquette & Marketing

Learn to write emails that successfully introduce your business--and much more!

Learn from a pro! Email marketing extraordinaire Katie gives several lessons in email structure and etiquette. Topics include: understanding your recipient, composing winning subject lines, landing interviews through email, authoring time saving templates, and more.

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How to Raise Money

Don't give away your business in order to raise what you need to start your business

In this 16-minute video, Defy Colorado mentor and co-founder Jason introduces the concept of fundraising for your start-up. Topics include: investor types, acquiring capital without giving up control, defining profitability, and more.

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How to Set Up Your Business

Learn the difference between an LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, and more

Defy Colorado mentor and co-founder Jason covers the dos & don'ts of incorporating your start-up. Topics include: not becoming a risky sole-proprietor through inaction, differences between LLCs, S Corps, and C Corps, and why filing as an LLC is generally the best option for most small start-ups.

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Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute

1209 West 10th Avenue, Denver CO 80204

Get help launching your own business with Denver-based RMMFI

Denver Metro


The Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI) helps people transform into serious entrepreneurs through personal, business, and financial investments. RMMFI serves its entrepreneurs with both ​business development​ and ​lending services​. Click on the website to learn more. Click on Re/Launch to take their Dream Survey to get started.

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