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We realize housing is the most difficult resource to find these days due to rent rates and landlord practices. Please understand we’re doing our best to find places where you might start with your search, but we do not have a list of “felon-friendly” landlords or apartments.

Finding housing can be one of the hardest parts about re-entry, especially if you’ve been in prison for a long time. Several resources below, such as Colorado Housing Connects, may help you find a place to rent. Many people find housing through their networks and word-of-mouth, referrals from re-entry organizations, or just driving through a neighborhood looking for “For Rent” signs.

If you’re already a renter but have difficulty with a landlord or eviction, several advocacy organizations are also listed below.

The Help section provides advice to help you find a place to rent (don’t overlook the value of working with a re-entry organization!), as well as advice about leases, being a renter, and more.

Housing Help


Denver Metro

B-Konnected provides a professional placement service for landlords while also connecting renters with a challenging rental history (eviction, credit report, criminal history) to places they may rent. The B-Konnected service is much more than a property search for a "felon-friendly" landlord. B-Konnected provides the search and checks in with landlords on a regular basis for the first year in order to help people stabilize in their rental housing. B-Konnected also provides shared housing in Denver and Littleton at a reasonable monthly rate. Services are free if there is a match within their landlord network, but if case management is involved there may be a fee of $700 to $875. Click on the website to learn more. You may also call the number below or email to learn more.

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Colorado Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)


Tenants who have been unable to pay rent due to financial hardship caused by COVID-19 may be eligible for rental assistance from their county or the State. The Colorado Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) can help cover rent as far back as April 2020. Help can include past due, current, and two additional months of rent up to a maximum of 15 months of assistance. The landlord or the tenant can start the application process, but receiving assistance requires documentation from both the tenant and the landlord.

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Colorado Housing Search

Statewide is a free, housing locator service for people in Colorado. The fast, easy-to-use, free search lets people look for rental and for-sale housing. The website also provides links to housing resources and helpful tools for renters and people wanting to buy a home. Bilingual operators are available M-F: 7am-6pm.

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COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project


The COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project was founded in March of 2020 to respond to urgent questions about housing. They work to pair volunteer lawyers with tenants who need advice or legal representation, provide tenants with guidance on how to navigate challenging situations, and evaluate the potential impact of the emerging housing crisis. To get help, click on the website's link titled "Talk to a Lawyer." You will need to fill out a brief online form. Click on the pdf link below for an update on tenants' rights for Colorado.

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Landlord’s Use of Credit Record, Rental History, & Criminal Record

Get the facts! See House Bill 2019-1106


In 2019 Colorado passed a law concerning application fees for prospective tenants. We link directly to the legislation for the bill (HB19-1106) so you can get the facts yourself. This new law made it illegal for a landlord to charge a prospective tenant a fee for an application that is more than the actual amount it costs the landlord to conduct the service. THE BILL ALSO INCLUDES LANGUAGE ABOUT CRIMINAL RECORDS, CREDIT HISTORIES, AND RENTAL HISTORIES! Landlords may not consider any rental or credit history beyond 7 years immediately preceding the date of an application. Landlords may also not consider an arrest record from any time, AND may not consider ANY conviction that occurred more than 5 years before the date of the application EXCEPT for convictions and deferred judgments involving methamphetamine, the requirement to register as a sex offender, and any offense classified as homicide or stalking.

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