Rental & Mortgage Assistance

We provide resource information about places to get help with rental and mortgage assistance below. Be sure to read the details about the organizations, as some of these funds are for specific situations.

Housing Help

Community Economic Defense Project (CEDP)

1600 N Downing Street, Suite 600, Denver CO 80218



CEDP provides rental and mortgage assistance statewide IF you have a court summons for an eviction. To apply, click on the website link below, and then click the blue Get Help button. You can also walk in for help at the address and hours below. You can also call the care center to determine eligibility and for help completing an intake. If you don't qualify, you'll be connected to a resource navigator for help.

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Rent and Utility Help

1437 Bannock St #163, Denver, CO 80202

Denver Metro


If you are a renter or homeowner in the City and County of Denver and need assistance with paying rent and/or utilities, including Denver Water and Xcel Energy, you may be eligible for rent and utility assistance through Denver’s Temporary Rent & Utility Assistance Program (TRUA). TRUA can now provide up to 6 months of rental assistance per eligible household per calendar year.

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