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Take advantage of government programs and organizations that help first-time home buyers.

Housing Help

Best Mortgage: Shop, Compare, Negotiate

The HUD has developed this in depth step-by-step guide on how to properly shop around for different mortgage loans.

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1981 Blake Street Denver, CO 80202

CHFA aka Colorado Housing and Finance Authority is Colorado’s trusted partner for affordable and responsible homeownership. Through their statewide networ​k of approved lenders, they offer ​home purchase loans and grants; and second mortgage loans for down payment and/or closing cost assistance. They also sponsor free homebuyer education across the state in English and Spanish to help prepare you for homeownership.​ They have an easy step-by-step process in navigating your first home purchase. Colorado Housing and Finance Authority!

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Metro DEEP

1582 S Parker Road #303, Denver CO 80231

Denver Metro


Metro DEEP is an Economic Development Organization focused on the African descended population. They have departments in Youth Development, Career and Workforce, and Entrepreneurial Development. They also have two wealth-building strategies in real estate development and home ownership; the second is in investments. Their long-term goal is "to make a wealth mentality the most popular among our people and our short term goal is to ensure that you get what you need, not to survive, but to thrive." Click on the website below for more information (look under the Events and Programs tabs), email admin@metrodeep.com, or call one of the numbers below for more information.

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metroDPA (down payment assistance)


metroDPA is a down payment assistance program available in several cities in Colorado. Your income must be below $176,700 a year and credit score above 640 (620 in some cases). You can get help with up to a percentage of your mortgage loan amount with a 3-year forgivable second mortgage. You can also call Diana or DeDe at the number below or email minardid@stifel.com for further inquiries.

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metroDPA Social Equity Program

Denver Metro

Are you a resident or direct descendant of someone who lived in a Denver neighborhood that was redlined between 1938 and 2000? If so, you may be eligible for $15,000 or $25,000 toward a down payment on a home! Click on the website link to learn more. There's a link to a map where you can search by address to see if you lived, or you are a direct descendant of someone who lived in a historic redlined area. The map has a number of different neighborhoods in Denver that were defined by banks as historically ineligible for loans, or "redlined." Borrower can purchase a home anywhere in the metroDPA footprint of eligible areas (this includes 46 cities and 9 counties along Denver’s Front Range).

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NACA is the best purchase program in America. NACA provides both comprehensive housing counseling and access to an incredible mortgage. NACA has over $20 Billion committed from some the country's largest lenders with everyone receiving four extraordinary terms: no down payment, no closing costs, no fees & below market fixed rate

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