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Government Imposter Scams

The Attorney General's office for Colorado recently issued a warning about scams from people saying they're from the government. We copy their advice below. Click on the link to learn more. "Know that the government will never call, text, email, or contact you on social media saying you owe money. If you get a link from someone claiming to be the IRS or another government agency, don't click on it. It's a scam. Government agencies do send out letters to make contact with individuals, so should you receive an official looking letter, look up the telephone number for that agency and contact them directly. Say no to anyone who contacts you claiming to be from a government agency and asking for personal information or payment. Know that government agencies and their employees don't ask people to send money for prizes, unpaid loans, or back taxes nor are they permitted to ask you to wire money, add money to a prepaid debit card, or send gift cards. If you're unsure whether the threat is legitimate, look up the official number for the government agency, office, or employee. Then, contact the organization or agency directly to inquire about the legitimacy of the call. Do not attempt to call any phone number back provided by a caller. Always look up any telephone number you wish to call as scammers will provide fake numbers in an attempt to steal money or personal information."

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Innocent Online Personality Quizzes

Don't get scammed by a Facebook personality quiz!

You know those Facebook quizzes that ask what your first car was, where you went to sixth grade, your first pet's name? Well, they might not be so innocent. Notice how some of those questions are also security questions for your online accounts? Don't get scammed by a Facebook quiz. Click on the link to learn more.

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Phone Scams

Mark Rober used to work for NASA and Apple. Nowadays, he puts out videos on YouTube like this one titled Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer. It's an educational look behind the scenes of those really annoying phone calls. Please share with the folks you know who are too trusting.

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Scam Related to Sex Offense Conviction

Women Against Registry distributed a letter they received from a member who had been contacted by someone claiming to be a police officer. The letter reads: “On Sept. 30 I received a call from someone claiming to be a police officer saying that I was now non-compliant and would be arrested if I didn’t bring $3500 to the county courthouse to post bail. He went on to say I had been sent a registered letter and had signed for it and had missed a court appointed hearing date. This was all a scam, which I got sucked into because I knew people who have been arrested, without warning for similar circumstances. It was also made possible because the registry is ‘public.’ These scammers had access to that information. I nearly went through with the scam and spent over an hour on the phone with this guy because he said I had to stay on the phone with him until I reached the courthouse. I thought that was very odd, but I complied, not wanting to be arrested. I finally realized it was a scam when he told me I had to convert cash into electronic cards. When I finally realized that the cards, he was talking about were “GIFT” Cards, I hung up and called my registry office. I was glad that the officer picked up immediately and I told him what had just happened. He told me it was definitely a scam and that there were no warrants on me.”

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Stop Fraud Colorado

Don't get scammed!

We're hearing about people getting scammed right out of prison. You can learn more at, a website provided by the Attorney General's office. Learn about mail fraud, telemarketing fraud, medicaid fraud, creditor fraud, and more! You can also learn how to report fraud.

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