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Great Colorado Payback

Great Colorado Payback

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Great Colorado Payback is managed by the Colorado State Treasurer. The program is responsible for keeping track of assets that may have been forgotten about over time, such as funds from the estate of a deceased relative. The office currently has a list of over 1.7 million individuals and businesses for whom funds are available! Justice advocate Mike Dell recommends that if you've been incarcerated for a while, you may want to check the database under your name just in case there are assets in safekeeping by the State Treasury that you don't know about. Click on the website link, then follow the directions to enter your name, city, and zip code. If you lived in several cities before you were incarcerated, be sure to check under that city's name and even the entire state, and to try both a formal and informal spelling of your name (Gregory and Greg, for example) when you search the database.

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