You don’t need to pay money for check cashing services. Several programs exist to help you get started with free banking, including free pre-paid debit cards. Check out the programs below.

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Bank on Boulder

Denver Metro


If you live in the Boulder County area, Bank on Boulder will help you open a bank account. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had problems with an account in the past, never had an account, or don’t have a Social Security number. They work with a number of partners so you'll need to call the number to set up an appointment. Or you can look under Get Started on the website. Stop paying check cashing fees from now on!

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BankOn provides a list of 11 banks and credit unions where you can open an account online without going into a branch. Almost all cost $5 or less per month. Not all of the banks on the list are in Colorado, but several are: Wells Fargo, US Bank, Key Bank, and Bank of America. Click on a bank's website to get started.

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Credit Union of Colorado


Credit Union of Colorado offers a standard checking account that has no monthly service fee. It also doesn't require a minimum balance. You can use their mobile banking and a fee-free debit card with your account. For more information and to apply, click on the website link.

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