Child Support

As of July, 1, 2020, if you’ve been incarcerated for a minimum of six months and you have a child support order in Colorado, THE NEW MINIMUM AMOUNT IS $10 PER MONTH!

Call a technician with your county order. Once they know your situation, they may be able to make adjustments.

Family Help

Child Support Order – How to Change an Order


The Colorado Judicial Branch website explains how to change a child support order. Click on the website link to find forms and information. You'll also see information about Self-Help centers. Every courthouse has a self-help center where you can get help with these forms. You will not get legal advice though.

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Colorado Child Support Services Program


The Colorado Child Support Services Program helps to set up child support orders, collect and distribute child support payments, change orders, establish parentage, locate parents, and provide community resources. The program oversees all of Colorado's 64 county child support offices. Their website will help you find your county office (they're usually located in a Department of Humans Services office). Child support orders are established and managed at county support offices. You need to contact your county office and make an appointment with a technician in order to take care of a child support order or request an adjustment. Statewide list of every child support office with locations and contact information.

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Colorado Judicial Branch – Self-Help Centers


Colorado courthouses have Self-Help centers where you can get help with forms and understanding the legal process for child support issues. They can’t give legal help, but they can help you understand the process.

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