Libraries are especially helpful for people coming out of incarceration. Besides books, music, and movies, you’ll find free tech classes, from how to use a smart phone or set up an email account to learning how to code. You’ll be able to use their computers and get on the internet. You can get help starting a business. In some libraries, you can even mend a pair of pants!

Take a moment to find your closest public library by clicking on the resource below. We also provide links to several of the major public libraries in Colorado.

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Colorado’s Public Libraries


When you click on the website link below, you'll find a list of every library in Colorado. Call your local library's number for the most current information on hours and location. Or check out a library's website. You'll have to search online for it, but that's easy. Type the name of the library into the search bar and its website is usually the first thing listed. You may also want to click on Denver libraries to watch the tour of Denver's Central Library for an idea about the many different types of help you can find in a library.

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Denver Public Library

Denver Metro

There are 26 libraries in Denver. Click on the website link, then click on the checkmark for the dropdown menu on the left of the page. A full list of these libraries will drop down, then click on the name of your closest library for hours and location information. Be sure to watch our video about Denver's Central Library, as seen through the eyes of a man after 25 years of incarceration.

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