Computer Skills

In this section you’ll find organizations where you can learn how to use a computer.

Every local library branch provides free classes.

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Colorado’s Public Libraries

free computer classes


When you click on the website link below, you'll find a list of every library in Colorado. Call your local library's number for the most current information on hours and location. Or check out a library's website. You'll have to search online for it, but that's easy. Type the name of the library into the search bar and its website is usually the first thing listed. You may also want to check out the section about libraries on Our listing for Denver's libraries includes a tour of Denver's Central Library.

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Crash Course Navigating Digital Literacy

Learn about information on the Internet

Crash Course provides free classes on YouTube about a variety of subjects, including digital literacy. Click on the video link to watch a series of brief videos that will help you better understand how the Internet is used to provide information. This will make you a more savvy consumer of everything that feeds into your devices.

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Family Resource Centers

ESL classes, High School Equivalency classes, computer skills

Family Resource Centers are located throughout Colorado. They go by different names (Focus Points, Sister Carmen, Bright Futures, etc.). Click on the website link for the statewide list of centers along with links to their websites where you'll learn more. Many resource centers provide ESL classes, and some provide high school equivalency classes. Sometimes this is called Adult Education. Ask about computer skills classes, as well.

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Microsoft’s Discover Digital Literacy

learn the basics about computers online

Digital literacy is knowing how to use computers and other devices, the software that runs them, and the Internet. Click on the website link to go directly to the page for a LinkedIn course that starts with the very basics.

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