Ending recidivism in Colorado, one resource at a time.

The mission of Remerg is to stop the revolving door of recidivism, one resource at a time. We believe that by enabling justice-involved populations to connect with housing, employment, and other community resources, we can empower those individuals to take ownership over their future, turn their lives around, and never return to incarceration

There are enough barriers to starting over–navigating resources shouldn’t have to be one of them. Our re-entry website, Remerg.com, provides verified resources updated on a regular basis. Remerg.com also identifies gatekeepers when appropriate, provides informational videos, and incorporates navigation and mobility tools.

In short, we connect people released from prison and jail to resources and information they need, when they need it. By doing so, Remerg.com fosters agency, supports success, and ultimately helps to reduce the rate of recidivism in Colorado.

The need to reduce recidivism is in the numbers.


Percentage of people released from Colorado’s prisons re-incarcerated within three years


Estimated cost of a single incidence of recidivism


Percentage of people incarcerated in our prisons released back to our communities

Meet the Remerg Team

Innovators, Collaborators & Change Agents

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At the heart of Remerg is our team of innovators, collaborators and change agents. While we represent a variety of experiences and backgrounds, we are brought together by our shared passion for disrupting the cycle of recidivism and advancing redemptive opportunity through resource connection.

Carol Peeples

Carol Peeples

Founder & Executive Director

At one time a teacher in public and private schools, executive director and founder Carol Peeples became interested in mass incarceration after teaching in a prison and developing the first two editions of Getting On After Getting Out: A Reentry Guide for Colorado, the first written statewide re-entry guide for Colorado. Both experiences inspired the passion Carol has for the field of re-entry from jail and prison, specifically in fostering success and creating connections to the community. Carol serves on the CU College-in-Prison Advisory Board and is a commissioner on Denver's Crime Prevention and Control Commission.

Jeff Wise

Jeff Wise

Director of Grants and Operations

Prior to joining Remerg, Jeff spent the majority of his career working for established nonprofit organizations and serving in a consultant role for emerging NGOs through his own grant writing company. Jeff also has first-hand experience with addiction and navigating the criminal justice system as a result. He has seen the barriers formerly incarcerated populations face and understands the need for sweeping change in how we help those individuals return to the community. He is subsequently thrilled to be a part of the Remerg team and able to use his experience to further the organization’s impactful mission. Jeff studied Business Communications and Political Science at the University of Northern Colorado. He enjoys golfing, hiking with his dog, and spending time with friends and family.

Sophie Smith

Sophie Smith

Program Manager

Sophie graduates in May 2024 from the University of Denver with a double major in criminology and psychology. During the year following, she will be the program manager for the Remerg HOUSE program, after which she'll start graduate studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Through previous experience working with incarcerated populations and reintegration, Sophie has honed her skills in providing guidance and support to those seeking a fresh start. She has also collaborated in quantitative research studies on policing in societies and recent police reforms. Sophie is looking forward to continuing her journey toward making a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by criminal justice systems. Outside of work and her studies, Sophie enjoys playing Mahjong, hanging with her cat, and spending time with her family.

Michael Clifton

Michael Clifton

Program Manager

After receiving a ninety-eight year sentence at the age of 19, Michael Clifton endured almost twenty-five years of incarceration before eventually having his sentence commuted by Gov. Jared Polis in 2023. During the latter years of his incarceration, Michael began to utilize his experience and the lessons he learned to develop programs specifically geared towards mentoring and supporting justice-impacted populations. He also found his passion in performance art, serving as the Associate Producer for the podcast With(in) through the University of Denver’s Prison Arts Initiative as well as stage manager for several theatrical productions. As a Remerg Program Manager, Michael is excited to be able to use his expertise to deliver Remerg programs to support individuals returning to society. He is also passionate about advancing equity and advocating for those seeking justice.

Bob Eisenman

Bob Eisenman

Program Manager

Bob holds a Master’s degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Most of his career has been in education, ranging from teaching public school of all levels as well as undergraduate classes at CU. He spent over 15 years incarcerated in the Colorado Department of Corrections, where he taught GED, music, journalism, and creative writing. For the last two years of his incarceration, he was an Editor and Writer Development Coordinator for The Inside Report, a statewide newspaper written, edited, and produced by incarcerated men and women through a joint effort of the University of Denver Prison Arts Initiative and The Colorado Department of Corrections. Bob is passionate about advancing the conversation of who we incarcerate, and the gap between what society believes incarceration is and the reality.

Board of Directors



Liz has led efforts for a variety of workforce programs under the Denver Economic Development and Opportunity Workforce Services for more than thirteen years. She most recently administered the successful completion of the Technology Employment in Colorado-Partnership, a $6.18 million US Department of Labor HIB Ready to Work grant. Prior to her work with Denver, Liz was a business owner of several small local businesses and spent seventeen years with the Xerox Corporation. Liz has been a member/volunteer for Mountain Plains Minority Supplier Development Council since 1999 and volunteer facilitator for local high school and intern programs over the past decade. Liz has a passion for connecting businesses and individuals to the resources and services they need to be economically successful--a perfect fit for the vision of Remerg!



Bill is a computer engineer with Revacomm, an IT firm based in Honolulu, currently supporting Medicare/Medicaid. While competing in a computer programming contest hosted by the state of Colorado, Bill researched the problems faced by those currently and formerly incarcerated, an eye-opening moment for Bill about this societal issue. Bill brings his tech skills to the remerg.com goal of providing re-entry information for free to tens of thousands of people whenever they need it.



Dianne is the founder and chair of the Colorado chapter of Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (CO-CURE) and the chair of National-CURE, headquartered in Washington, DC. Dianne serves as a citizen member on the Denver Sheriff Department Advisory Board. In addition, Dianne has been an active member of the American Correctional Association since 1999, serving on several committees. Because of her extensive experience, Dianne appreciates the need for a free online re-entry website and is one of the nonprofit’s most ardent supporters.



A staunch advocate of those who are disadvantaged, Tammy Bellofatto is the Executive Director of Bayaud Enterprises, a Denver-based nonprofit that provides hope, opportunity and choice to thousands of people through its employment programs. Prior to joining Bayaud, Tammy served as the Director of Vocational Services at Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. She co-founded the Denver Homeless Taskforce and from 2014-2019 Tammy served as Chair of The Denver’s Road Home Employment Subcommittee. In addition, Tammy was a 10-year member of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Community Advisory Panel for Denver Health and sat on the Veteran's Administration's Advisory Committee on Homeless Veterans since 2018 - 2022.



Chris Meeks is the President and Founder of Hope Homes, a real estate company that gives back a minimum of 10% to the community with every project. Appointed by Mayor Hancock in 2020 to be on the Denver Community Corrections Board as well as the newly appointed Secretary for the Colorado Association of Community Corrections Board, Chris is an advocate for criminal justice reform and regularly visits Colorado Prisons to provide hope and mentorship for others that are incarcerated, as he was once in their shoes. Chris’ inspiring story includes obtaining his civil engineering degree upon release from incarceration and going on to start his own company to provide affordable housing for people in need.



Cordelia Randall is an experienced relationship builder and workforce development expert with a proven track record of creating alliances and partnerships between social service providers and individuals. She leverages resources including grant funding, WIOA, TANF and other programs with career and education-development provisions to help provider organizations serve communities in need, approaches relationship-building opportunities with tact and compassion, and exemplifies out-of-the-box thinking to help achieve desired outcomes. Cordelia is trusted by prominent community leaders as an expert in workforce development and advocacy for career training. Her service on numerous boards and committees has included Project Life, Community College of Denver, business advisory, Academy of Charter Schools, and I-70/WorkNow. She is known as a noted diversity and inclusion advocate supporting educational and job programs for minority populations, the formerly incarcerated, and systemic poverty victims.



Ken Arellano is currently a Program Manager with Denver Careers Construction Program with Denver’s Economic Development & Opportunity. He has over 25 years’ experience in Workforce Development, working for non-profit, private, and government entities from Career Consulting to Outplacement Services to Contract Management. His passion is working with special populations (including justice involved) to ensure they are given Work Based learning opportunities in whatever stage they are seeking. He served as Chair and Co-chair to The Denver’s Road Home Employment Subcommittee from 2014 – 2022 and continues to be involved in community partnerships.



Don Burnes and his wife are the founders of The Burnes Institute for Poverty Research at the Colorado Center on Law and Policy. His fourth book, When We Walk By: Forgotten Humanity, Flawed Systems, and the Role We Can Each Play in Ending Homelessness in America, was published in early November 2023. He is the co-author of Journeys Out of Homelessness: The Voices of Lived Experience, along with Dr. Jamie Rife, the newly appointed CEO of the Denver Department of Housing Stability, that was published in 2019. Don served on the State Interagency Advisory Group on Homelessness for Colorado Governors John Hickenlooper and Bill Ritter and has been a member of Denver’s Road Home Advisory Commission and a Board member of the Metro Denver Homelessness Initiative. He has been an active student of and policy analyst around issues of homelessness and poverty for over 35 years. Don is the co-author with Alice Baum of A Nation in Denial: The Truth About Homelessness and the co-editor of and a contributing author to Ending Homelessness: Why We Haven’t, How We Can. He is also developing a think tank to explore how to shift mindsets about homelessness. He received his BA from Princeton, his MAT from Washington University in St. Louis, and his PhD in education from Columbia University.



Margot is a Senior Director for Basis Policy Research, an independent research firm specializing in applied research in K-12 education, where she specializes in project management and business development. Margot wants to break the cycle of incarceration from the perspective of a parent and knows that successful parents have children with a better chance to succeed in the world.



Jim retired as division vice-president of Performance Development for Walgreens Corporation and now specializes in human capital strategy development. He was President of the Illinois Occupational Skills Standards and Credentialing Committee and teaches graduate courses for the School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois. Tikkun olam, a signature theme of Jewish tradition, refers to repair of the world. Jim served on the board of Remerg since its inception because the work struck him as “the perfect route to that end,” and in late 2022 moved from active status to the Remerg Honorary Board.



Jhil is a property manager for SWAN Enterprises and Consulting and an active volunteer in the community. Jhil brings over 25 years of personal experience in Colorado’s state prisons, lending insight into what is needed for successful re-entry and bridging the distance between those who have been incarcerated and organizations like Remerg that want to reach and help justice-involved members of our society. Jhil’s experience since his release from prison is an inspiration to all who meet him. After serving several years as the co-chair of our board of directors, Jhil recently became the founding member of the Remerg Honorary Board.

In Memory of Tina Yankee

Reverend Tina Yankee brought passion and force to our board of directors. As the executive director of Turnabout for 14 years, she and her team connected 30,000 people to employment after incarceration. For many years, Tina was also a Community Pastor for Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Denver and provided religious services at Denver County Jail. Most recently, she chaired the Criminal Justice Task Force for the Colorado Council of Churches. Just days before her death on October 6, 2018, Tina was developing a project to address the dual societal issues of recidivism and income inequality. We miss Tina’s fierce spirit and dedicate Remerg.com to her.

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