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Thank You to Our Supporters

We are very thankful for the organizations and individuals who support remerg.com, either through a web page sponsorship or individual donation. This support allows us to provide remerg.com for free to thousands of people in Colorado, connecting them to community resources and fostering successful re-entry. Thank you!

National Science Foundation
Boulder County Sheriff
The Empowerment Program
Legacy Grace Community Development Corporation
Colorado Council of Churches
Focus Reentry
Colorado CURE
Pretty Good Consulting
Chosen to Forgive
The Reentry Initiative
Denver County Crime Prevention and Control Commission
Laura Hendrie
Margot Plotz
Deb Wilson
Karl Chwe
Sheila and Jim Schultz
Mary Ellen Johnson, Pendulum Foundation
Karen Brady, Karen Brady & Associates
Jack Regenbogen
Caroline Fry
Janet Claxton
Kate and Shannon Kelly
Marilee Baccich Levis and Lenny Levis
Mindy Jarvis, Noble Beast
Judy Scheig
Charles Norris and Sue Tudor
Amy Ostrander
Donald Jenkins
James (Jim) Flint
Doug Linkhart
Roxanna and Jeff Hart
Elizabeth Peeples
Virginia Bayless