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We gratefully accept all donations to help us provide this service for free to the 1.5 million people in Colorado's criminal justice database, including 10,400 people on parole, 3,600 in halfway houses, 71,400 on probation, tens of thousands released from county jails, their friends and family members, and all of the case managers and nonprofit agencies that work with this population.

Because we are creating a sustainable private sector company, is not organized as a nonprofit 501c3 entity. Thus, donations are not tax deductible.


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Small advertisements allow us to provide for free to everyone. This is important to us, as we never want to charge the person coming out of prison or jail for help. Monetizing the website also allows us to remain independent, an important consideration for users of the website.

Reducing Recidivism Will Save Money

The Vera Institute on Justice reports the nationwide cost of jails quadrupled between 1983 and 2011—from $5.7 billion to 22.2 billion. This cost is a sizeable portion of county budgets. To learn more about the price of jails in the United States, click on the button below.

Likewise, the cost of incarceration in prisons is astronomical. The Vera Institute of Justice reports the number of people incarcerated in state prisons has grown 700% since the 1970s with state corrections budgets quadrupling over the past twenty years. To learn more about prison growth, click on the button below.

Recidivism is one of the reasons why jail and prison populations remain high, which is why focuses on the issue. Using the internet to reach people one-on-one, affordably provides the information people need about the resources available in their communities. Thus, presents a unique vision for a public-private partnership: it builds resource capacity at the community level, has the potential to reach every person released from jail or prison or on probation in Colorado, but it exists as a private company independent of any correctional or law enforcement entity.

Doesn't the Department of Corrections and County Jails Do This?

In a word, no, but it's more complicated than that. Some county jails have pre-release programs, while others have nothing. Likewise, the Colorado Department of Corrections has some programs, but they also can't reach everyone after release, especially people who complete their sentence of parole while incarcerated and discharge from prison without access to services. For them, may be their only lifeline to the community. Finally, people in halfway houses and on probation also have need of the information provided by Its role as a clearing house of re-entry information offers help to clients and case managers, alike.

Advertisers Receive Business and Civic Return on Investment

Because the website will reach the hundreds of thousands of people annually involved in the system in Colorado, your help as an advertiser not only has a monetary return on your marketing investment. Your advertisement reaches a targeted audience using to succeed upon release. Our rates are reasonable, with a special charter year rate for nonprofit organizations that provide services to the justice involved.

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