Substance Use Disorders—Getting Clean

Drug addiction is a complex disease, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and quitting can take more than willpower. While it’s true some people are able to quit on their own, others may need clinical or medical help. That’s okay! The important thing to know is that drug addiction can be successfully treated and people who struggle with a substance use disorder can once again lead healthy lives.

If you’re under probation or parole supervision, chances are you’re going to be told which treatment provider you must see. See the Under Supervision section for information on assigned treatment providers.

If you’re looking for a treatment provider and not under supervision, you’ll learn how to find a provider in the Not Under Supervision section.

See the Medication Assisted Treatment section for information about the medications being used to treat certain types of substance use disorders.

Finally, the Resources and Hotlines section is full of helpful websites, hotlines, and meeting information.

Good to Know !

The Harm Reduction Action Center works to reduce harm for people who inject drugs. They also train people on how to recognize and respond to an overdose and dispense Naloxone. Your identity is kept anonymous, syringe access available, testing for HIV, hep C, and STD’s, health education and community referrals, overdose prevention with access to Naloxone. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8m – noon. Call 303-572-7800 for information. Located at 231 East Colfax (corner of Grant & Colfax) in Denver. Click the button below to learn more.