CO State ID or Driver's License

The Colorado Department of Revenue runs the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)—where you apply for a state ID or driver’s license. In order to get a Colorado driver’s license or state ID, you need to be able to prove four things:

Your legal name
Your age
Your identity
Whether you’re legally in the US

Sometimes one document can prove all four, such as a CO driver’s license or Colorado state ID that’s expired less than ten years (with your picture on it).
You may also be able to use several documents for proof, such as a CDOC ID card and your birth certificate and Social Security card if the first and last names and date of birth match on both documents. 

Lost It

If you’ve lost your driver’s license or state ID, click below.


The cost is $26 for a driver’s license and $11.50 for a state ID card. (State ID is free if you’re 60 or older.)

DMV Near You

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If your driver’s license or state ID is expired, click below.

Revoked or Suspended

If your driver’s license was revoked or suspended, you can call DMV customer service at 303-205-5613, M-F, 8am – 4:45 pm, with questions, or click below to learn about reinstatement.

Good to Know !

By state law, you may be able to get a free ID with a letter of referral. The letter can come from the CDOC (parole officer or re-entry specialist), a county jail, or a department of human services office where you’ve applied for social services.