Social Security Programs

Social Security is a federal program that uses public funds to help people in need and distribute retirement funds for people who paid Social Security taxes.


To learn about Social Security Disability Insurance, click on the button below.


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How to Apply

If you think you qualify for Social Security benefits, going to your local Social Security office in person can be the fastest way to get signed up. You can get help while you’re there. Ask about applying for both SSI and SSDI if you’re applying for one of the programs. Don’t forget to take your paperwork—see below for the list.

If you have any questions before you go, you can try calling Social Security at 1-800-772-1213. 

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If you’re comfortable with computers, you can also apply online at the Social Security website.

Paperwork You Need

Social Security card or record of your Social Security number
Birth certificateor proof of your age
Information about where you live, such as your lease and landlord’s name if you rent, your mortgage information if you own your house
Information about your income, such as payroll slips
Your checkbook and banking information
Proof you’re a US citizen or eligible as a non-citizen (ask for more information during the screening if you’re not sure about this)
Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of doctors, hospitals, and clinics you have been seen for medical needs if you’re applying for disability benefits