Resumes, Applications, and More


Resumes are a summary of your education, skills, and work history. They may be several pages long. Resumes use a specific format, meaning they look a certain way. You’ll probably need to create a resume organized around your skills. You can get help writing a cover letter and resume in a class or workshop from one of the community organizations listed in the Jobs section. You may also find help with your resume through your local workforce center or public library. Many offer free classes. Check out their websites for class listings. You may also want to drop by and ask at the front desk.


Most applications are filled out online these days. You need a certain amount of computer skills to do this, including uploading other documents such as your cover letter or resume. If you’re given a paper application to fill out, be sure your handwriting is neat and legible.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is about a page in length. It’s addressed to the specific employer and explains how you’re a great candidate for the job. It’s not your work history (that’s on your resume). Instead, use the cover letter to tell how your experience will make you a valuable employee.

Thank You Note

Make a good impression on an employer by following up an interview with a handwritten thank you note. (This is not the same as an email.) Address the letter to the person who interviewed you, thank him or her for the interview, and talk about why you think you are a great candidate for the job. Get it in the mail within a day or two after the interview.

Good to Know !

You can create your own resume and cover letter using College in Colorado’s Own Your Future website. Click on the button below to get started. After you sign in, you will find online tools to plan your educational and employment future, such as the online resume builder and cover letter creator. You can also get help writing a thank-you letter, practicing for a job interview, and filling out an application on this website.