Public Transportation

You can figure out how to use a bus and light rail system by going online (follow links below to your city), or you can call customer service. When you call customer service, you’ll need to tell the operator your starting and ending addresses, the date you’re traveling, and the time you need to arrive. Click on your city for the number, website, and more info.

Remember, you will need a bus ticket, bus pass, or exact change to ride a bus, trolley, or light rail. Bus drivers do not make change.

If you’re both biking and riding the bus, take time to look at your city’s website for public transportation. Most have information about how to load and unload your bike, how many bikes the bus will hold, what to do if the bike rack is already full (wait for the next bus), and the exit you should use on the bus.

Good to Know !

Don't throw your ticket away. It may be used as a transfer ticket on another bus. Read your city's website info about transfer tickets, or ask Customer Service. Also, don't be tempted to ride the lightrail without paying in Denver. There are many agents on the rail, and this counts as police contact.

Take a few minutes to watch our video on how to read a bus schedule below.

Reading a Bus Schedule Video