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Parole and ISP-I

Best Advice
The key to being successful while you’re on parole is to check with your parole officer about everything. Don’t listen to the rumors you hear or other guys’ opinion about what’s expected of you. Ask your parole officer to be sure about everything.

C-WISE (1-800-426-9143)
The C-WISE database is used by the Colorado Department of Corrections to track your supervision. It’s also a 24-hour call center. The number is 1-800-426-9143. You use this number to reach your parole officer. Your parole officer will leave you messages via C-WISE. Check with our parole officer as to how often you need to call C-WISE. If you’re in a halfway house, check with your parole liaison officer as to how often you need to call C-WISE.

If someone is eligible, the DOC can place an inmate in the community before that person has been placed on parole by the Colorado Board of Parole. This is called the Intensive Supervision Program-Inmate, or ISP-I.  People on ISP-I live in a private residence, which requires a dedicated telephone line for electronic monitoring.  People on ISP-I should also expect a curfew and more UAs.

Office Locations
Seventeen parole offices are located throughout Colorado, and there is a Re-entry Center in Denver. To find a list of addresses, phone numbers, and hours, click the button below. Scroll to the bottom of the page for Adult Parole Locations. Click on the plus sign beside the name of a city or town for details.

Parole Agreement
Your parole agreement is issued before you’re released, but your parole officer may add additional conditions. The agreement will be explained during the first meeting with your parole officer. Make sure you ask about anything you don’t understand. Keep your copy in a safe place. If you lose it, ask for a replacement. You need to know and follow the conditions of your parole agreement. To learn more about parole supervision, click on the button below. Then click on the plus sign beside Adult Parole Offender Resources.

Substance Use Monitoring Programs
Your parole officer will tell you to report to a 1st Alliance or BI-Geo Re-entry office for substance use monitoring. BI is owned by The GEO Group, Inc., so the BI office is also called GEO Re-entry.

1st Alliance Color Line 720-214-7065
BI-GEO Re-entry Color Line 303-595-1047

You’re given a color that’s associated with your call-in procedure through both 1st Alliance and BI-GEO Re-entry. If your color is named when you call in, then you have to go in that day for a UA. Best advice: call early in the morning every day.

Click on the button below for the locations and hours of 1st Alliance and BI-GEO Re-entry office locations. When there’s a holiday, always be sure to call or check to verify the office hours. Also, it’s a good idea to call early on a holiday or on weekends.

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