Looking Good for the Job

Basic advice

Monster.com recommends you dress up a notch or two for the job you’re interviewing for. For example, if you’re going to be doing something that doesn’t require a nice shirt and pants for the job, you would still wear that for the interview. Dressing up demonstrates respect for the company and that you’re someone who will put forth effort.

Think about how your appearance affects the first ten seconds you have with the person interviewing you. That’s when most people form a first impression. Body odor, bad breath, piercings, too much make-up or jewelry, and dirty/wrinkled clothes may all make a poor first impression.


You might be able to get a free or low-cost haircut at a training studio. For example, Supercuts Training Studio in Arvada offers free haircuts several times a month for their staff in training. You can learn more on their Facebook page at Free Haircuts Arvada. The Emily Griffith Hair Salon in downtown Denver offers very low cost cuts and color treatments. Click below to see their website.


Many people have tattoos, so they may seem like an ordinary thing. But when it comes to job hunting, visible tattoos may keep you from being hired. In fact, hand, neck, and face tattoos are called job stoppers in the tattoo industry. Visible tattoos are up there with bad breath and piercings as reasons to not promote an employee, according to a survey of employers.

So, what can you do if you have a tattoo? Keep your tattoo under cover with clothing (long sleeves, high collars, etc.) during a job interview. You may also want to consider having a hand, neck or face tattoo removed. There are companies that specialize in tattoo removal, with a few that are low in cost.

Good to Know !

Parole re-entry and probation officers may be able to pay for tattoo removal. If you have a tattoo that’s hurting your job search and you want to get it removed, talk to parole re-entry or your probation officer. Parole is usually done on a case-by-case basis and may not be able to pay the entire cost, but they may able to help. Be sure to ask if you need help.

Work Clothes

You’re going to need the right clothes for interviews and work. If you’re on parole or probation, ask your parole or probation officer for a referral to Dress for Success in Denver or Colorado Springs. If you’re on parole in Denver, you can get clothing vouchers from the Reentry Center at 940 Broadway. Check with community agencies in our Re-entry Help section to see if they have a clothing bank. Call 211 and ask about clothing banks in your area. The clothing section has more information on where you can find inexpensive clothing.