Halfway Houses

Also called community corrections facilities, halfway houses are run by private and nonprofit companies in Colorado. There are also a couple of facilities managed by county programs.

Thus, each halfway house is different from the other. They each have their own programs and steps to go through. They are not all alike, so you can't compare your experience with another person's at a different halfway house.

What is consistent is you always have a case manager. And you always have halfway house rules. Make sure you get a copy of the rules and learn them. If you have any questions, check with your case manager and security, both. Also, if you’re a DOC client in a halfway house, you should check with the DOC parole liaison officer.

We can’t stress this too much: rules vary by facility. Get a copy of the rules and learn them. If you’re given an intake packet, be sure to read the entire packet.

Also, know that some people say that succeeding in a halfway house is harder than being in prison. You have one foot in the community and one foot still under supervision. It’s a bit of a high wire act. You need to create a life that fits in the halfway house system. For example, your job needs to fit the halfway house requirements, including transportation to and from that job. But the good part is you can see your family more often. And in some cases, you can put a little money away for your transition to living on your own.

Time management is a life skill that will make your life easier in a halfway house. There’s no room for time management mistakes in a halfway house. Always plan to arrive early, write down what you need to do every day on a calendar (and check it!), and use a back-up system for your wake-up alarm.  To learn more, check out our section on time management.

Not taking things personally is another life skill that’ll help in a halfway house. Sometimes it’s about what’s going on with the other person, sometimes it’s about the role people play as an employee in a halfway house, and sometimes people are just jerks. If you can keep them from yanking your chain, you’ll be ahead of the game. Check out our video on how to succeed while in a halfway house.