Hunger Free Hotline

For info about food pantries and free meal locations throughout Colorado, call the Hunger Free Hotline. They will also help you sign up for SNAP/food assistance. Calls are confidential and they help everyone, regardless of legal status. Calls are answered 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday, at 1-855-855-4626 (bilingual in English and Spanish). You can also learn more about food resources in Colorado on the Hunger Free website. Click below.

Food Assistance

You may be eligible for the Colorado Food Assistance Program if you’re unemployed or work part time or don’t make much money, receive other public assistance, are elderly or disabled and have a small income, or are homeless. You apply for the Colorado Food Assistance Program at the department of human services in the county where you live. If you think you’re eligible, apply for food assistance right away. It can take up to a month to get started with the program. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive monthly benefits that are issued on the Colorado Quest Card, which looks like a credit card. You can then use this card at grocery stores such as King Soopers or Safeway.

Remember, you can always apply for food help at your local department of human services office. See Human Services under Benefits for more info.

Good to Know !

If you’re in Denver and want a healthy meal, try the SAME Café at 2023 E Colfax. The restaurant is open from 11-2 Monday through Saturday. Meals cost what you can afford, with a minimum ask of $2 or so. You can also pay for your meal by working in the kitchen. To learn more, click below.